• Build and Relocate Dental offices

  • Service and repair oxygen and nitrous leaks

  • Vacuum system and line cleaning

  • New equipment installation

  • Vacuum pump line cleaning

  • Design build plumbing layout installations

  • Solenoid replacement, Connections for Compressors and Plaster traps

Do you have concrete floors? Are you on a higher level with other offices below you? You’ll need to consider these factors before beginning your dental office plumbing plan and laying pipes down.

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No matter your dental office plumbing design needs, Regency Plumbing is the best dental plumber in the Los Angeles County and Orange County area. We’ve had a ton of experience bringing dental surgery visions to life through careful planning, specific to each different surgery.

Our dental plumber services include:

  • Build and relocate dental offices

  • Service and repair oxygen and nitrous leaks

  • Vacuum system and line cleaning

  • New equipment installation

  • Vacuum pump line cleaning

  • Dental office plumbing design and layout installations

  • Solenoid replacement, connections for compressors and plaster traps

Dental office plumbing design is some of the most unique and complicated plumbing and requires detailed strategies and solutions as water will be used in so many ways for your daily dental office plumbing needs.

Dental Office Plumbing Design Strategies Made For You

Regency Plumbing has mastered the strategy, planning, and development of dental office plumbing solutions for dental surgeries—an industry where plumbing is perhaps the single most crucial facet during construction.

We recommend your dental plumber can provide the following essential services—these include some of the key plumbing challenges dentists face when creating their practice and are beginning the dental office plumbing design phase.

  • Proper Drainage

    Drainage is one of the most important parts of efficient and safe dental office plumbing installation; a lot of water is needed for different purposes, and you’ll need to flush out your drains effectively. Depending on the layout and foundations of your building for your dental office plumbing design, drainage can become a complicated endeavor. Our professional experience brings dental office plumbing installation and plans to life through careful planning. Regency Plumbing can handle your set-up and layout with ease.

  • Consider Using Multiple Basins

    Each dental chair in a clinic requires its individual water supply, and each basin needs to connect to your main water supply. And, each room will need its own basin for hygienists and dentists to wash their hands. The size of your practice determines the number of basins.

  • Abide By Building Codes

    You must ensure you’re choosing dentist office plumbing professionals in the Los Angeles County and Orange County area to undertake the complicated nature of dental plumbing. Plumbing itself comes with several regulations and codes, and commercial plumbing is no different. Our expertise lies in keeping on top of current regulations to ensure you’re meeting council and building codes.

  • Self-Contained Water Supplies

    Water has several functions in dental surgery, and if a building's water supply proves to be unreliable or of poorer quality, water used for patients should be from a self-contained water system. This is another cog that can further complicate dental office plumbing installation.

  • Create Comfortable Staff Facilities

    As dentists become more 'boutique,' shifting away from that clinical feel (without compromising on safety or hygiene), and focusing on state-of-the-art facilities providing comfort to patients is necessary. Some practices are also expanding the facilities they offer to their staff. What was once a small tearoom is now a functional kitchenette, as well as private restrooms and even showers.

Dental Office Plumbing Design

Next time you’re aimlessly flipping through magazines in the dentist's office, look around and think about all the ways water is supplied, and all the ways people (from patients to staff) use water. It soon becomes evident how vital meticulous and strategic dental office plumbing installation and design planning and execution can be.

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Dental office plumbing design and installation is a major part of your construction process. It's likely to take up a significant portion of your budget, which is precisely the reason why it's not worth skimping on quality and professionalism.

If it’s not done right, the risks could result in shutting down your practice, or, at the very least, wasted time and money fixing any initial errors.

Professional & Reliable Dental Plumber Services

Your dental office requires unique dental office plumbing plan fixtures and equipment that must be handled by experienced professionals. If any problems arise or you need new parts installed, allow our team of Los Angeles County and Orange County area plumbers to get the job done with precision and care.

Regency Plumbing has years of experience servicing and installing dental office plumbing systems in a variety of healthcare facilities. We understand that your needs are vastly different than the needs of residential and commercial customers.

Tackling Challenging Dental Office Plumbing Problems

As a dental physician, you face a unique set of challenges with your dental office plumbing design services. When you need an experienced team who can meet, and exceed, your expectations, you need the crew at Regency Plumbing.

Serving Dental Professionals throughout Los Angeles and Orange County

At Regency Plumbing, nothing is more important than ensuring that your dentist office plumbing installation and design are in good working order. All our Los Angeles County and Orange County area plumbers are specially trained to provide any dental plumber service you require, from maintenance and repairs to full installations. Whatever the needs of your business may be, our team is here to serve you.

Our commercial businesses and buildings enlist the expertise of professional Regency Plumbing professionals when something goes wrong or when they require a full plumbing solution. Still, it is even more important for dentists to do their plumbing in the best way. Dental office plumbing installation is some of the most unique and complicated plumbing that requires detailed strategies and solutions as water is needed for a lot of different tasks in so many ways every single day of their work.

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