Our Priority Is Your Dental Facility

Regency Plumbing works closely with your facility to provide streamlined installations and maintenance for your dentistry practice. Our annual contracts with your dental practice include regularly scheduled annual checkups and more.

Our dental services include:

  • Build and relocate dental offices

  • New equipment installation

  • Service and repair oxygen and nitrous leaks

  • Vacuum jacketed piping and dental vacuum line cleaning

  • Solenoid replacement, connections for compressors, and dental plaster traps

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Why Choose Our Professional Dental Vacuum Line Cleaning Services?

Our dental vacuum cleaners and dental vacuum line cleaning services use a combination of the latest advancement in methods and equipment.

We offer each of our dental vacuum line cleaning customers the following:

  • Same-day service in most cases

  • 24/7 emergency service

  • Flat-rate pricing

  • Free estimates

  • No extra charge for nights and weekends

  • Professional and trained technicians

Full-Service Dental Vacuum Line Cleaners

We Have Everything Your Dental Practice Needs.

Annual Checkups — Outlets break down and begin to leak over time. These leaks create potentially hazardous conditions to your facility, staff, and/or patients.

  • During our annual checkup, we can pressure test the hoses, outlets, fittings, manifolds, blow off valves, pigtail, and provide dental vacuum line cleaning services to maintain proper functionality.

  • What’s more, we can repair and maintain the outlets so that in many situations, we do not have to cut out and remove the drywall and complete patches, paint, and inspections.

100% Compliance — We believe the essential part of being your go-to dental vacuum line cleaners is knowing and understanding your facility to ensure 100% compliance.

  • Alongside our extensive knowledge in dental plumbing and dental vacuum line cleaning, you can trust our staff to maintain a plumbing system that is certified and adequately serviced to your standards.

Minimal Customer Disruptions — Your dental operations cannot stop because of a dental vacuum line cleaning issue.

  • Regency Plumbing minimizes disruptions by working closely with your staff on everything needed. This helps guide our dental vacuum line cleaners in providing the necessary services of your practice and reduces the stress it puts on your customers.

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Professional Dental Vacuum Line Cleaning

Our professional dental vacuum line cleaning services are based on:

Fast Response | 24-Hour Emergency Service

You have a busy dental practice—your dental vacuum line cleaners need to arrive on time and get the job done fast. We ensure timely and quick service that maintains the highest standards.

Free Estimates | Flat Rate and Transparent Pricing

We offer free estimates on-site or over the phone. In most cases, we can have a skilled plumbing technician dispatched to you the same day you call for dental vacuum line cleaning services.

Guaranteed Quality | Professional and Friendly Service

You can be confident that your professional vacuum line cleaning is done right. With our dental vacuum line cleaning services, you can ensure your dental vacuum line cleaners are highly qualified and provide meticulous service.

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Our licensed commercial plumbing contractors manage every phone call for your convenience.

Cleaning Or Disinfection | What's The Right Dental Vacuum Line Cleaning For Suction Lines?

The evacuation system is a key component of most dental procedures. Maintaining the system with dental vacuum line cleaning, as with most of the equipment in a dental practice, is critical to adequate functioning.

Hiring dental vacuum line cleaners and changing the solids collectors (traps) must be performed regularly to ensure proper functionality. But there seems to be some debate as to whether to clean or disinfect the suction lines—or some argue both.

  • If you use professional dental vacuum line cleaning products that may be incompatible with the evacuation system or that may cause a reaction with the contents of the solids collectors, it is vital to understand the appropriate protocol. Research has shown that there is a slight possibility of cross-contamination from backflow from the low-volume suction lines used for the saliva ejector. The saliva ejector is most used in hygiene treatment rooms, where hygienists will instruct their patients to close their mouths tightly around the saliva ejector to remove fluids efficiently.

  • The first study that showed the backflow potential was published in the early 90s. In 2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a guideline regarding the use of saliva ejectors. The CDC stated that patients should not close their lips tightly around the saliva ejector, and that suction lines need to be disinfected daily.

Suction lines in your hygiene treatment rooms should be cleaned daily, alongside professional dental vacuum line cleaning. Also, you could use an evacuation system cleaner to remove debris and blood. Lastly, a disinfectant that is compatible with your evacuation system needs to be run through the dental vacuum line cleaning tubing. 

  • The low-volume suction lines should be professional dental vacuum line cleaning disinfected between your patients. Using a bit of a waterline cleaner/disinfectant between patients is the right choice since the waterline cleaner/disinfectants, alongside a dental vacuum line cleaning service, are compatible with the evacuation system.

  • It is a good idea to check with the manufacturer of the evacuation system to verify which disinfectants, and professional dental vacuum line cleaning, are compatible with the system. Another dental vacuum line cleaners option is to use a saliva ejector tip that has a backflow prevention mechanism built-in. Two such devices are the Safe-Flo valve from RJC Products and the Safety Saliva Ejector from Crosstex.

It's important to note that the backflow phenomenon has not been demonstrated in high-volume suction lines. This does not necessitate the disinfection of these lines, by professional dental vacuum line cleaning, after each patient. But cleaning the high-volume suction tubing every day is essential. Since debris can clog the lines, an evacuation system cleaner should be used each day and dental vacuum line cleaning done often to keep the system running effectively.

Many of a dental office's evacuation system cleaners, such as Sultan Purevac, and Pro E-Vac from Certol, BioPure from BioPure Products, Sani-Treet Green, and Sani-Treet Green from Enzyme Industries, have enzymes that facilitate the cleaning of debris from the tubing.

These dental vacuum line cleaning products have also been tested for compatibility with evacuation systems. Besides, there are treatments available to remove accumulated deposits not removed by daily professional dental vacuum line cleaning. These products include Bio-Pure System Restorative from Bio-Pure Products and VacuShock from TriCom Dental Products.

Chlorine-based products should never be used during dental vacuum line cleaning since the chlorine can cause corrosion of metal components in the system. Oxidizers cause mercury to be released from amalgam particles, which can cause water contamination.

Disposable suction traps should be changed every week if they become clogged. The used suction traps should not be thrown away in the trash. Licensed dental vacuum line cleaners should be used to get rid of the traps, as well as amalgam capsules, since they may have traces of mercury.

It is always best to consult the dental unites manufacturer and schedule professional dental vacuum line cleaning services to clean and disinfect your products. As the adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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