• In-house certified medical gas installers

  • Hospital and OSPHD facilities

  • Offices and surgery centers

Keep your medical plumbing working properly and code compliant.

Regency Plumbing can tackle all types of medical plumbing issues at your facility. Our annual contracts with your medical facility include detailed annual checkups and more.

Our medical plumbing services include:

  • Drafting healthcare plumbing blueprints for new projects,

  • Ordering the medical plumbing equipment you need at the best rates,

  • Supervising our certified medical plumbing maintenance technicians,

  • Shopping for and certifying your completed installation per NFPA guidelines.

We work closely with facility directors to provide streamlined medical plumbing maintenance and installations. Contact Regency Plumbing today—call (714) 451-4588 to get started on your next repair or replacement at your medical facility.

Trusted Medical Plumbing Services For Los Angeles County And Orange County

You need experts who can do it all—we can solve any medical plumbing issue.

When you need medical facility plumbing services, make sure to go with the best company to handle the project.

Regency Plumbing can perform:

  • Fixture unclogging

  • Pipe replacement

  • Backflow prevention services

  • Medical plumbing piping installation or repair

We are not satisfied until you are—turn to us for medical plumbing services of every kind.

No Disruption Of Your Operation Hours

Our medical plumbing technicians are clean and professional, so you will not have to worry about them making an unnecessary mess in your medical office. We are proud of how organized and efficient we are with all our services, meaning you can quickly get back to taking care of business as soon as possible.

Contact Regency Plumbing today—call (714) 451-4588 to get started.

The Best Medical Plumbing Services

Your medical practice must rely on proper functioning gas lines safely providing you the specific gases when you need them. Any work on your medical gas lines should be done by a trusted and experienced medical gas plumber.

At Regency Plumbing, our skilled healthcare plumbing professionals can ensure that your medical gas systems are in excellent working order. We are proud of our ability to provide medical offices in Los Angeles County and Orange County the careful level of service needed.

Our team at Regency Plumbing is here to help you.

Specialized Medical Plumbing Services

There are many specialized components to medical plumbing systems, and they need to be handled by highly trained professionals. These components can include cylinder manifolds, pipelines, and vacuum plants. Whether you need help with compressed air, oxygen piping, nitrous oxide, or another medical plumbing system, our team can help ensure your system is working correctly.

We provide numerous medical plumbing services, such as:

  • System testing

  • Installation

  • Retrofitting

  • Emergency service

At Regency Plumbing, we are proud to offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that emergencies do not always wait for regular business hours. Healthcare plumbing systems require careful attention and often need work to be done promptly.

Medical Plumbing And Piping | Los Angeles County And Orange County

Regency Plumbing is certified in healthcare plumbing services. We install medical plumbing systems for health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, dentist offices, and custodial care offices.

All medical plumbing installations are performed by our certified medical gas system installers, following the latest code. All healthcare plumbing piping systems, hookups of controls, and instrumentations, including master alarms and area alarms, are handled with meticulous care and dedication because of the potentially fatal consequences of inadequate installation.

Regency Plumbing medical plumbing services include installation and repair of the following:

  • Medical Plumbing Systems: Piping for the distribution of inflammable medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, carbon dioxide, and helium.

  • Medical Plumbing Support: Piped gases such as instrument air and nitrogen that is used to support medical procedures by operating medical equipment and surgical tools

  • Medical Air: For purposes of medical plumbing services air (oxygen) supplied from bulk containers, cylinders, medical air compressors

  • Medical Plumbing Vacuum Systems: An assembly of central vacuum producing equipment and a network of piping for patient suction in medical-surgical reliable waste and anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD) systems

  • Medical Plumbing Services Station Outlets: An outlet point in a piped healthcare plumbing distribution system at which the user makes disconnection and connections

  • Water Systems: Laboratory Hot and Cold Water; Domestic Hot and Cold Water; Make-Up Water for Mechanical and Process Equipment; Process Hot and Cold Water; Non-Potable Hot and Cold Water.

  • Waste Systems: Sanitary Waste and Vent; Clearwater Water Waste and Vent; Storm and Roof Drainage; Corrosion Resistant Waste and Vent; Process Waste and Vent; Laboratory Piping Systems: Compressed Air; Oxygen; Nitrogen; Argon; CO2; Vacuum; Helium; Natural Gas

  • Medical Plumbing Services Piping Systems: Oxygen; Medical Compressed Air; Medical Vacuum; Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (WAGD); Nitrous Oxide; Nitrogen; and CO2.

Our expert plumbers have been certified by the institutions required for these skilled, specialized plumbing and installation jobs. Regency Plumbing meets all safety standards, equipment, and design mandatory and essential for medical facilities.

Contact Regency Plumbing today—call (714) 451-4588 to get started on your next repair at your medical facility.

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Regency Plumbing Are Medical Gas Certified Specialists In Los Angeles County And Orange County

Regency Plumbing uses medical-grade cleaning and proper application with silver brazing to achieve increased joint strength and fatigue resistance, meeting industry standards.

  • We are skilled in all types of medical plumbing installation and implementation projects. Our plumbers are certified to install or renovate any component of your medical plumbing services system. We follow strict training and guidelines and make use of proper codes, procedures, and standards when designing, installing, or maintaining medical gas piping.

  • Following installation, our commissioning experts will ensure all systems are performing to expectations, so you can be confident that it will be fully functional and code-compliant upon completion of the project.

  • Regency Plumbing includes one of the largest staffs of certified craftsmen available to perform medical gas pipe related services. The ability to deliver our high-purity healthcare plumbing piping systems into clean rooms, laboratories, and highly sophisticated medical facilities has established Regency Plumbing as a premier provider.

Regency Plumbing has built several of Los Angeles County and Orange County’s top hospitals and a variety of medical facilities across the state.

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Regency Plumbing is a third-generation Southern California commercial plumbing team. We are experts in medical plumbing issues. Orange County-based Regency Plumbing specializes in service and repairs for hospitals, dental and veterinary offices, as well as tenant improvement.

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