Your Facility Is Our Priority.

Regency Plumbing works closely with your medical facility directors to provide the best in streamlined medical gas plumbing maintenance and installations. Our medical gas plumbing expertise includes supporting your medical facility with regularly scheduled annual checkups.

Medical Gas Installation Design Build | Surgical Center Plumbing Design Build | Emergency Medical Gas Plumbing Diagnostics

Our medical gas plumbing services include:

  • Drafting blueprints for new projects,

  • Ordering the equipment you need at the best rates,

  • Supervising our certified medical gas plumber technicians,

  • Certifying your installation per NFPA guidelines.

We repair all types of medical gas plumbing throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We maintain quality by supporting Amico, Beacon Medes, Allied, Genetic, Belmed, Porter, Accurton, and many other brands.

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Why Choose Regency Plumbing?

We Have Everything You Need.

New medical office, surgery center, wing in a hospital? We have you covered. Get started on your next project with trusted expertise.

  1. Minimized Disruptions

    Regency Plumbing minimizes customer disruptions by working closely with your staff on everything needed. Your medical operations will not stop because of a medical gas plumbing problem. We professionally guide your medical facility's plumbing service to reduce the stress on your customers and staff.

  2. High Levels Of Performance And Detail

    We know medical facilities of all types depend on having reliable medical gas piping systems to provide the highest standard of care for your patients.

  3. Certified Materials Installed By Professionals

    Our medical gas plumber technicians have decades’ worth of knowledge with medical gas piping installation and design. All our medical gas plumbing systems are installed by experienced professionals that use certified materials to reduce incidents and achieve the proper certification.

    All piping systems are handled with the utmost care and dedication because of the potentially fatal consequences of substandard installation.

  4. Annual Checkups

    Outlets will break down and begin to leak over time. These leaks waste expensive gases and create potentially hazardous conditions to the facility, staff, and or patients, especially with nitrous oxide leaks.

    We believe an essential part of your medical gas piping installation is knowing and understanding your facility to ensure 100% compliance. During your annual checkup, we can pressure test you entire medical gas plumbing system to maintain proper functionality.

Trusted Medical Gas Piping And Installation

Alongside our extensive knowledge in medical gas piping installation, medical gas piping design, and medical gas plumbing service, you can trust Regency Plumbing’s staff to create a system that is certified and built to your specific standards.

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We Provide Service For Top Medical Facilities

Regency Plumbing works hand in hand with some of the top medical facilities throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

As an in-house certified medical gas plumber company, we’ve worked on:

  • CHOC Children’s Hospital Orange County

  • CHLA Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

  • HOAG Neuroscience Center

  • UCLA Health

We install and service medical gas plumbing piping systems in numerous health care facilities throughout the area. Every one of our medical gas plumbing installations is conducted by a certified medical gas plumber technician, as per NFPA guidelines. Let Regency Plumbing become your business partner and start seeing the benefits that we can bring to your company.

Our mission is to provide you with:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

    If you have a busy medical practice, your commercial medical gas plumbing contractor needs to arrive on time and work quickly.

  • Free Estimates | Transparent and Flat Rate Pricing

    We offer free estimates on-site and over the phone. In most cases, we can have a skilled medical gas plumber technician dispatched to you the same day you call. Regency Plumbing offers transparent quotes before beginning any work.

  • Friendly and Professional Service

    Your medical gas piping or amalgam separators installation is done correctly. With our services, you can ensure your medical gas plumber is highly qualified and provides meticulous service.

Experienced Medical Gas Plumber Services

Medical gas plumbing and maintenance is crucial in supplying lifesaving gases and uses throughout medical facilities. These gases and uses include:

  • Laboratory Dust Collection

  • Cryogenic Liquids

  • Compressed Air

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Nitrogen

  • Oxygen

  • Vacuum

A medical gas pipeline is essential in your healthcare facility.

  • Regency Plumbing is certified in medical gas plumbing services. We regularly install medical gas systems for health care facilities such as hospitals, dentist offices, nursing homes, and custodial care offices.

  • Be sure that the medical gas plumbing installation company you hire carries the appropriate licenses before agreeing to a medical gas plumbing installation contract. Your system installer must be able to demonstrate and identify the applicable laws, rules, codes, listing agencies, and regulations from the federal, state, and local levels about vacuum systems and medical gas.

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Reliable Medical Gas Plumbing Installation

We know medical facilities of all types depend on having reliable medical gas plumbing systems to provide the highest standard of care for your patients.

Alleviate your stress in hiring the right medical gas plumber company. Complete with each installation, Regency Plumbing assures the job is done correctly during our follow up medical gas maintenance verification of all new medical gas plumbing system work.

  1. We take a design and build approach that ensures your system will be made right and work efficiently and effectively every time.

  2. All our medical gas pipe systems are installed by experienced professionals and use certified materials to reduce incidents and achieve the proper certification.

Our medical gas plumbing maintenance and repair services include:

  • Licensed Professional Engineers (PE)

  • Design-Build Mechanical Construction

  • Certified Energy Managers (CEM)

  • Climate-Controlled Storage

  • Exhaust Systems

  • LEAN Construction

  • LEED Building

  • Energy

All piping systems are handled with the utmost care and dedication because of the potentially fatal consequences of substandard installation.

About Regency Plumbing

We provide commercial medical gas plumber services, specializing in medical, dental, and veterinary offices.

A third-generation Orange County-based plumbing team, Regency Plumbing specializes in commercial plumbing contractor services for dental, medical, and veterinary facilities, as well as tenant improvement.

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CHOC Children's Hospital Orange County


CHLA Children's Hospital Los Angeles


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UCLA Health


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