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At Regency Plumbing, our mission is to provide you with:

  • Rapid Response | 24-Hour Emergency Service

    If you have a busy medical, dental, or veterinary practice, your commercial plumbing contractor needs to arrive on time and get the job done quickly. Your appointments won’t be disrupted, and your facility can maintain quality service.

  • Free Estimates | Transparent and Flat Rate Pricing

    We offer free estimates on-site or over the phone. In most cases, we can have a skilled plumbing technician dispatched to you the same day you call. Regency Plumbing offers transparent quotes before beginning any work. You’ll never be surprised by hidden fees or unexpected costs.

  • Guaranteed Quality | Friendly and Professional Service

    You can be confident that your medical gas piping or amalgam separators installation is done correctly. With our services you can ensure your commercial plumbing contractor is highly qualified and provides meticulous service.

Contact us today, we respond within 24 hours.

A licensed commercial plumbing contractor manages every phone call for your convenience. We can answer all your plumbing questions using our generations of expertise, training, and hands-on labor.

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Why Choose Regency Plumbing?

We Have Everything You Need.

Medical Plumbing

  • Medical Gas Installation Design Build
  • Surgical Center Plumbing Design Build

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Dental Plumber

  • Dental Office Plumbing Installation
  • Amalgam Separators Installation

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Veterinary Plumbing

  • Veterinary Facility Layout Installations
  • Surgery Centers Design Build

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Commercial Plumbing

  • New Construction
  • Water Conservation Plumbing and ADA Compliant Renovation

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Serving all of Southern California

Commercial plumbing and piping,
specializing in medical, dental,
and veterinary offices.

Expertise In Medical Plumbing

New medical office, surgery center, wing in a hospital? We have you covered.

Your facility is our prioritywe work closely with your facility directors to provide streamlined medical gas maintenance and installations. Our annual contracts with your medical facility include regularly scheduled yearly checkups and more.

Medical Gas Piping Installation Design Build | Surgical Center Plumbing Design Build | Emergency Medical Gas Piping Diagnostics

We work hand in hand with some of the top medical facilities throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area. We install and service medical gas piping systems in numerous health care facilities throughout the region. Every one of our medical gas piping installations is conducted by a certified maintenance technician, as per NFPA guidelines.

Our medical plumbing services include:

  • In-house certified medical gas installers

  • Hospital and OSPHD facilities

  • Offices and surgery centers

  • Drafting blueprints for new projects

  • Ordering the equipment you need at the best rates

We repair all types of medical gas piping connections, vacuum jacketed piping, solenoid replacement, and more throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We support Amico, Beacon Medes, Allied, Genetic, Belmed, Porter, Accurton, and many other brands.

  • Minimal Customer Disruptions

Your medical operations can’t stop because of a medical gas piping issue. Regency Plumbing minimizes customer disruptions by working closely with your staff on everything needed. This helps guide the necessary service of your plumbing and reduces the stress it puts on your customers.

  • Reliability With The Highest Level Of Detail

We know medical facilities of all types depend on having reliable medical gas piping systems to provide the highest standard of care for your patients.

Alongside our extensive knowledge in medical plumbing service, you can trust Regency Plumbing’s staff to create a system that is certified and built to your specific standards.

  • Certified Materials Installed By Experienced Professionals

At Regency Plumbing, our industry professionals have decades’ worth of knowledge. All our plumbing systems are installed by experienced professionals and use certified materials to reduce incidents and achieve the proper certification.

All plumbing and piping systems, hookups of controls and instrumentations, including master alarms and area alarms, are handled with the utmost care and dedication because of the potentially fatal consequences of substandard installation.

Dental Plumber Services | Dental Office Plumbing Installation

Our dental services include:

  • Build and relocate dental offices

  • New equipment installation

  • Service and repair oxygen and nitrous leaks

  • Vacuum jacketed piping and pump line cleaning

  • Solenoid replacement, connections for compressors, and dental plaster traps

Dental Plaster Traps | Amalgam Separators Installation | Water Filter Cleaning | Dental Vacuum Line Cleaning

Regency Plumbing works with major equipment distributors. If you need to repair, install, or maintain your amalgam separators, call Regency Plumbing. We provide certified dental plumbing and gas line installation and services such as:

  • Amalgam separator maintenance and installation

  • Vacuum system and water filter line cleaning

  • Service and repair oxygen and nitrous leaks

  • Proven solenoid replacement, connections for compressors and dental plaster traps

  • Proficient dental office build and design

We Care About Your Water

Regency Plumbing is a leading provider in dental plumbing services. We provide certified dental plaster traps services for the installation, maintenance, and repair of amalgam separators. Enjoy experienced solenoid replacement, vacuum jacketed piping, sewer pipe lining, and more. Regency Plumbing is a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company serving Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Veterinary Plumbing | Veterinary Office Design and Build

We believe an essential part of our services is knowing and understanding your facility to ensure 100% compliance.

Our veterinary facility services include:

  • Service plans for bi-annual & annual maintenance plans

  • Plaster trap

  • Value engineering

  • Design build plumbing layout installations

Regency Plumbing provides excellent commercial plumbing contractor servicesset up a maintenance plan for regular service, water filter cleaning, solenoid replacement, and checkups for your plumbing systems to ensure your facilities remain operational. We are also available for emergency plumbing services with extensive experience in handling full building shutdowns.

Our Partners

Commercial Plumbing | Commercial Tenant Improvement

The Regency Plumbing commercial plumbing contractor team has worked on thousands of building projects from new construction, ground-up design builds, sewer pipe lining, multiple building phasing, and multi-floor build outs.

New Construction

  • Ground up design build

  • Office / retail

  • Multiple building phasing

  • Multi-floor build out

Water Conservation Plumbing And ADA Compliant Renovation

  • Water conservation

  • ADA renovations and retrofitting

Service & Repair

  • Emergency services

  • Sewer back up and sewer pipe liner cleaning

  • Building shutdowns

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Compressed air and process piping

  • Utility providers

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Laboratories

We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to make sure the project moves along on time and budget. When it comes to ADA retrofitting and water conservation count on Regency Plumbing to complete your water filter cleaning, sewer pipe lining service, and morewe can replace and relocate fixtures, and bring everything up to code. You’re on your way to hiring the best commercial plumbing contractor.

About Regency Plumbing

We provide commercial plumbing and medical gas piping, specializing in medical, dental, and veterinary offices.

A third-generation Orange County-based plumbing team, Regency Plumbing specializes in commercial plumbing contractor services for dental, medical, and veterinary facilities, as well as tenant improvement.

Serving all of Southern California

Proudly Serving The Following Cities In Los Angeles County/Orange County:

Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Buena Park, Newport, Rossmoor, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Carson, Santa Monica, Pasadena, West Covina, Cerritos, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Pamona, Long Beach, Torrance, Culver City, Downey, Arcadia

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